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Description of Machine Design 2 : Mechanical Engineering Pro

This App covers most important topics in simple English and diagrams for a quick study and revisions at the time of Exams, Viva, Assignments and Job interviews. It is the most useful App for last minute preparations.

The best app for school, college and work. If you are a student It will help to learn a lot.

This useful App lists 152 topics in 3 chapters, totally based on practical as well as a strong base of theoretical knowledge with notes written in very simple and understandable English.

Consider this App as a quick note guide which professors use in a classroom. The App will help in faster learning and quick revisions of all the topics.

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

1. Friction Wheels
2. Classification of Gears
3. Terms used in Gears
4. Condition for Constant Velocity Ratio of Gears – Law of Gearing
5. Cycloidal Teeth
6. Involute Teeth
7. Comparison Between Involute and Cycloidal Gears
8. Interference in Involute Gears
9. Minimum Number of Teeth on the Pinion in Order to Avoid Interference
10. Gear Materials
11. Beam Strength of Gear Teeth – Lewis Equation
12. Permissible Working Stress for Gear Teeth in the Lewis Equation
13. Dynamic Tooth Load
14. Static Tooth Load
15. Wear Tooth Load
16. Causes of Gear Tooth Failure
17. Design Procedure for Spur Gears
18. Spur Gear Construction
19. Design of Shaft for Spur Gears
20. Design of Arms for Spur Gears
21. Terms used in Helical Gears
22. Face Width of Helical Gears
23. Equivalent Number of Teeth, Proportions for Helical Gears
24. Strength of Helical Gears
25. Types of Worms and Worm Gears
26. Terms used in Worm Gearing
27. Proportions for Worms and Worm Gears
28. Efficiency of Worm Gearing
29. Strength of Worm Gear Teeth
30. Wear Tooth Load for Worm Gear
31. Thermal Rating of Worm Gearing
32. Forces Acting on Worm Gears
33. Design of Worm Gearing
34. Introduction of Bevel Gears
35. Classification of Bevel Gears
36. Terms used in Bevel Gears
37. Determination of Pitch Angle for Bevel Gears
38. Formative or Equivalent Number of Teeth for Bevel Gears – Tredgold’s Approximation
39. Strength of Bevel Gears
40. Forces Acting on a Bevel Gear
41. Design of a Shaft for Bevel Gears
42. Brakes- Introduction
43. Energy Absorbed by a Brake
44. Heat to be Dissipated during Braking
45. Materials for Brake Lining
46. Types of Brakes
47. Single Block or Shoe Brake
48. Pivoted Block or Shoe Brake
49. Double Block or Shoe Brake
50. Simple Band Brake
51. Differential Band Brake
52. Band and Block Brake
53. Internal Expanding Brake
54. Classification of Bearings
55. Types of Sliding Contact Bearings
56. Hydrodynamic Lubricated Bearings
57. Wedge Film Journal Bearings
58. Properties of Sliding Contact Bearing Materials
59. Materials used for Sliding Contact Bearings
60. Lubricants
62. Terms used in Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
63. Bearing Characteristic Number and Bearing Modulus for Journal Bearings
64. Coefficient of Friction for Journal Bearings
65. Heat Generated in a Journal Bearing
66. Design Procedure for Journal Bearing
67. Solid Journal Bearing
68. Split Bearing or Plummer Block
69. Design of Bearing Caps and Bolts
70. Oil Groves
71. Footstep or Pivot Bearings
72. Collar Bearings
73. Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling Contact Bearings Over Sliding Contact Bearings
74. Types of Rolling Contact Bearings
75. Types of Radial Ball Bearings
76. Standard Dimensions and Designations of Ball Bearings
77. Thrust Ball Bearings
78. Types of Roller Bearings
79. Basic Static Load Rating of Rolling Contact Bearings
80. Static Equivalent Load for Rolling Contact Bearings
81. Life of a Bearing

Mechanical or machine Design is part of Mechanical engineering education courses and technology degree programs of various universities.

Machine Design includes CAD/CAM, electrical and electronics, fastening and joining, fluid power, manufacturing, engineered materials, mechanical engineering, and motion control

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